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He’s Taking Me To A New Level,Hoorah!

praise freeThere is reason to shout, when you obey the Lord. You have completed each and every assignment, you have prayed and stayed on a straight path.  You kept your eyes on Jesus, even when the darts came at you, people started to move away from you, especially those whom you thought would stay.  You worshipped the Lord because of who He is, you kept a relationship with Him, your vessel is being used by Him.  You have a clean vessel, you are not seated in the counsel of the ungodly, you praise God!

You have accepted His Son Jesus, and you have continued to walk in your ministry.  He has given you ideas and you use them for the Kingdom.  Your gifts are dedicated for His purpose.  You have accepted Christ as your Savior, you love the Lord!  And still the enemy comes in as a flood and more enemies arise against you.  The ones who were supposed to stick with you, all of a sudden disappeard, formulated excuses, and you wonder what happened.  HE IS TAKING YOU TO ANOTHER LEVEL, and they can’t come.  Hoorah!

Who does the Lord take to the next level?  One who reads His Word, one who obeys His Word, one who lives by His Word.  The Lord has a future plan for His ministers.  God has to take you to the next level, you cannot take yourself there.  God has other ministries for us to attend to.  God will fight your battles as He takes you there.

How do we move to the next level spiritually?  PRAYER.  The Lord wants us to draw to Him, to call on Him and to depend on Him.  Humans cannot satisfy us, nor will they ever be there for us through thick and thin, through each level.  The mere fact that you are raised to another level as you depend on God to take you there, and not others is because you have graduated from the former level, and from those friendships.

Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”  You are facing circumstances that are difficult to handle, overwhelming issues.  You get discouraged, have people problems, they change on you.  You can push through this by praying and calling out to God.  The Holy Spirit will come to our rescue, He is our helper.

Pray To God, Praise Him, Worship Him, Give It All To Him, Ask For A Miracle, Fast, Ask The Lord To Increase Your Faith, “Pray Through”.  God moves you higher as you cry to Him and pray through it all.

When the Lord is taking you to a new level the situation is always more than you can handle alone.  The Lord wants to know how far you will go, how serious you are.  He sees our heart and He answers prayers.  HE TAKES US TO ANOTHER LEVEL!


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