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Finding Relief

When your life is about the Lord, you are releasing all areas of your life that has been turmoil, into a power that can turn it around.  The Word of God can turn your terrible situations around for the better.  We have talents such as singing or dancing.  We can use those talents that God gave us to use for His glory.  If we sing well, it is a talent that the Lord gives us, so that we can give back.

What a relief it is to know that your gift can bless other people, and it must be released in an inspirational way to teach them that we must give those gifts to God.  He gave them to us in the first place.  So when we give our talent of writing back to the Lord, He can develop it into what it needs to be in order to bless, bless, bless other people.  It is that ministry in us, that needs to come out.  Hallelujah.

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You Are Beautiful

love flowers freeIsaiah 28:1 says, “Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine!”  The Word of the Lord says that we are fading flowers.  Ladies, we know that we all grow older day by day.  We know that flowers are beautiful, but do not last forever.  We also know that it is the Lord who gives us our beauty.

I am here to say; ladies, you are beautiful.  You are beautiful; when you put God 1st.  You are beautiful when you walk in the fruits of the Spirit in love showing love and compassion.  Ladies you are beautiful when; you acknowledge your Creator and when you confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth.  You are beautiful when you stand for what is right, and ladies you are beautiful when you fellowship with your sisters in Christ and encourage non-believers to draw them into fellowship.  So stand, you are beautiful!

Your beauty will not wither, but will last forever in the glory of God.  Besides, people remember inner love that extends itself and acts of kind deeds.  Amen.

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