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Love love love on somebody today.

Do you realize that you can love on somebody today? It’s a whole lot simpler than it sounds. Many people find that spreading love takes a lot of effort. On the contrary, it is so daring, fun, kind and strong to reach out to someone and love on them. Can you think of someone who is deserving of your tender love today? Sometimes just calling a friend to encourage her would do the deed, or praying with them through trying days. Somebody, sometimes needs a little love. We all do.


God can use you today…

No matter what you have done, He’s a forgiving Father. He loves each and every one of us. God sees you in your every day journey; whether you are doing right or wrong, He can call you. God can use you today. Just lay it down for Him. Lay down the bad choices, the wrong doings, the mistakes. He loves you and He has a plan for your life. Let Him….you won’t regret it.

Encourage Someone Today

Mornings are a good place to start! Be grateful at the start of every morning. You woke up! Thank goodness. Honestly this is a good place to start your day. Being thankful and happy and pushing ahead no matter what the previous day brought about. Encourage others and you will be encouraged.


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